Sunday Worship
  • 10-18 Rue des Terres au Curé,
    75013 Paris

  • Église Impulsion

Sunday Worship

We celebrate Jesus

We celebrate Jesus on Sundays. Our worship service is a joyful moment where everyone gets to encounter Jesus. We want to make it a wonderful experience for all.

Are you new to Impulsion?

Come just as you are. When you get to church, expect to meet a greeting team that will warmly welcome you and offer you a cup of coffee from 3PM. The worship service will start at 3:30PM and will go on for an hour and a half. You will hear contemporary worship music and a relevant sermon based on Scripture and focused on Jesus.


During the worship service, children can join the Mini-Heroes group and be a part of fun, age-appropriate activities. Our team is motivated, competent and professional.

Sing to the Lord, praise his name; proclaim his salvation day after day.

Psalm 96:2 (NIV)